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The label’s novel design represents in detail all the special features and characteristics of BOERGÉE.

The first thing that catches your eye is the artistic use of the black and the white which spreads across the label in a fluid and organic way and represent the combination of the two different liquids. The contrasting colours stand for the contradicting use of wine and beer that are resolved in BOERGÉE. This novel beverage successfully unifies the two apparent counterparts into a single, innovative, golden whole.

This golden sheen lights up the label with its pearly bubbles and continuous veins. This signifies BOERGÉE’s noble production process of the Méthode Traditionelle and the exquisite drink itself. The deliberate use of gold underlines in historic tradition the high value and premium quality of BOERGÉE.

The first contact with the label is just as refreshing as the first sip of this fine sparkling drink. Golden hot foil embossing and black relief lacquer is implemented onto matt, uncoated paper. This haptic experience of the different surface textures allows for further special interaction with this high quality product.

Making of:

Design by Nina King

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