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Die Hochzeit

Durch die Zugabe von 35% Traubensaft entsteht die eigentliche Fusion. Der durch die Vergärung entstehende Anteil an Wein gibt dem Boergée seine Leichtigkeit. Die natürliche Säure macht den Boergée resch und süffig, und bildet den perfekten Gegenspieler zum Malzkörper.

It all starts with the beer

Using a classic method, we produce a potent wort from domestic barley.


The fruity aroma is created by using specifically selected types of hops that are reminiscent of citrus and passion fruit.


The type of yeast we use for fermentation is typically used in creating champagne. This champagne yeast not only lends BOERGÉE the aroma of sparkling wine but is also responsible for the particularly fine carbon dioxide bubbles, a perlage that is specific to champagne.

The wedding


The actual fusion is achieved by the addition of 35% grape juice. The proportion of wine produced through fermentation gives BOERGÉE its light playfulness. The natural acidity makes BOERGÉE crisp and light and is the perfect counterpart to its malty body.

Méthode Traditionelle


The Méthode Traditionelle allows BOERGÉE to become a drink of outstanding quality. The process was invented by the monk Dom Pérignon and enables a second fermentation process to occur inside the bottle resulting in its distinct sparkling character. This creates a degree of pressure characteristic of a high quality sparkling wine.

Riddling of the yeast


After a number of months of ripening, the yeast eventually completes its work, sinks and deposits itself on the wall of the bottle. The bottles are kept in a downward tilted position to allow the depleted yeast to fully collect in the bottle neck.

Removing the sediment

By freezing the bottleneck the yeast sediment freezes into a single piece which is ejected upon opening of the bottle thus leaving you with a bottle of crystal clear BOERGÉE.

Savoring BOERGÉE


BOERGÉE should be drunk from a tall champagne glass at the ideal temperature of 6-7°C. This is the moment for you to enjoy this delicate balancing act between a fine sparkling wine and a carefully crafted beer enhanced with a delicate bouquet of hops.

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