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Méthode Traditionelle meets Craft

Imagine craft being a sparkling wine


BOERGÉE is new, sparkling and leaves you wondering whether it’s more of a sparkling wine or more of a beer

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The lightness of a sparkling wine in a unique symbiosis with fruity hops and barley malt seasoning.

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"In an age characterized by an influx of novel drinks, there is, however, one that certainly shines out and that is BOERGÉE.

'Craft beer meets sparkling wine' with touches of citrus and exotic fruits pleasuring the palette.

As an outstanding aperitif and the perfect accompany to many courses, BOERGÉE is unique in its taste, cosmopolitan in its style, and rooted in Burgenland."

Dipl. Somm Brad Knowles

Vice President SUA

Sommelier Union Austria

We only use Austrian grapes harvested in the best wine growing regions of Burgenland, renowned for its soil and climate. This not only results in a best quality product, but also makes it sustainable and regional.

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